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Consists of:
Motorised roller tracks with linear feed
Lift table with motorised castors
Blower cleaner
4-roller gluing machine equipped with photocells for the automatic glue delivery system.
Automatic glue pump, in accordance with photocells that detect a lack of glue in the glue machine, the system automatically activates the pumps to fill the glue level.
Disc track
Moulding and pressing mat
Continuous plate press Mod. PFO 8014, part number
Series 4 / 96-15, 1996, slab size 8000×1400 mm
Equipped with two oil recirculation pumps and oil regulator with two valves each three
Ways of obtaining a differentiated temperature between the top and bottom plates (useful for cladding a 4 mm thin board)
Conveyor belt press output
Input roller track for longitudinal deburring and levelling of the board.
Slitting machine for deburring.
90º heat exchanger design.
Deburring cross for deburring.
Deburr cleaner output transfer, cleaner blower and lower grinder inlet
Bottom grinder group 1
Transfer the output and input of the lower grinding machine to the upper grinding machine.
2 top grinder groups
Outlet for sanding on a roller table with board lifting and viewing device
bottom, Unloading table with motorised rollers, Stacker pusher
Motorised roller guides for unloading the line

Price ......... 310000 €